Please help, I have no video output

Hey everyone,

This is my first build and I'm normally a Mac user, so if I seem to not know too much about what I'm doing, it's because I don't know too much about what I'm doing.

I accidentally booted up my computer without plugging the power connectors into my EVGA GTX 570 graphics card. I got video output and was able to install Windows 7. However, once it was installed and I got to the desktop, the computer shut down. Every time I tried to turn it on after that, I would get to a black screen right after the BIOS, and the computer would restart.

Frustrated, I took a look inside and realized that my graphics card was not receiving power. Once I plugged the power connectors in and turned the computer on, I receive no video output. My TV (which I'm using as a monitor) does not recognize that the computer is turned on.

This is my first build so I do not have any spare parts to test or anything along those lines.

I am using a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard, Intel i5 2500k, OCZ Fatal1ty 750 PSU, and 8 GB of Corsair RAM.

If any other info is needed, please let me know. I would really like to get my computer running!

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  1. Sounds like your monitor is plugged into the mobo instead of into the 570.
  2. I have tried it both plugged into the motherboard and the 570... still no video output.
  3. Leave it in the 570 and go through that guide.
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