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hello so today i was on steam checking out my pc specs through there just to see what it was like and etc. i bought 8gb of ram in august of 2012 now its february of 2013 and i somehow went from 8gb to 4077mb? im new to computers and i only have 5 games on my computer. if anybody can help that would be great! thanks and have a good day.
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  1. the amount of games will have no effect on how much ram you got. I suspect something happened and either the board ram slots or ram sticks went bad. test by only putting one stick in at a time and see if the pc sees them.
  2. What OS do u have?
    What version of Windows?
    is is 64-bit or 32-bit?
    x86 or x64?

    (Right click Computer and go to properties to find this info.)

    if is it only 32-bit Windows (x86) it can only use 4GB of RAM.
  3. i have windows 7 64bit. but right now i just tested the ram sticks the one ram stick did not work in either slots the other ram stick did work. so i have one bad ram stick. but my warranty is past 30 days. is there a way i can return this?
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