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can someone recommend ram compatible with this (8gb ddr3 1600mhz...) for dual channel, i already have one i just need another and wondered if there were better ones out there for similar prices

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  1. Get that one, it's better to go with a equal one.
  2. also, does ram improve integrated graphics performance??
  3. Yes, a bit with the speeds/timings.
  4. ConnorBazinga said:
    also, does ram improve integrated graphics performance??

    There was an article about this on THG a few days ago. 2133MT/s DDR3 provides about 20% faster IGP performance on AMD's A10 than 1600MT/s RAM but the RAM itself is roughly 50% more expensive.
  5. ok because i have an amd a8-5600k, and im using single channel 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, my brother has 2x4gb vengeance ram (1600mhz) and he gets much higher fps in games like just cause 2 and even minecraft,so does dual channel ram help..?
  6. Yes, the dual channel is interleaved and somewhat faster as a result.
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