CPU fan error

this is the message that I get from the PC to the start and do not Boot (bios is update)
the fan is rotating at 500 rpm; in the bios is marked in red
is a 4-wire fan. I worked around the problem by BIOS on the fan speed of the CPU I set IGNORE. there will be problems? It is better to look for a fan compatible with my mobo? anybody know brand? thanks

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  1. Is this a new problem, or is this a new setup?
  2. is a new setup
  3. I solved , thanks
  4. erosalex said:
    I solved , thanks

    I am sure others will be curious how.
  5. in bios the rotation of fan was 350 . there is a specific voice to change 600 to 300 RPM. the motherboard does not recognize the fan as outside range.
    the problem was born because the fan rotating at low speed for the motherboard
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