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I am going to set up my first wireless network in my apartment and Im sure I can figure that part out no big deal...this is my question though....i am getting a wireless router and putting it in my room and i have 2 pc's in my room which is going to take up 2 ports on the router. im going to run a third line from the router to the living room to have a broadband connection for the tv,bluray,gaming question is how can i get the devices to share the one line in the living room? can i add another wired router to that connection already on router in the bedroom? im not sure what my options are for this. any ideas or advice?
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    You need a switch.
    Like this
    Switchs come in 5 ports and 8 ports.
    remember you are going to loose one port, because you need it to plug in to the router, you are only going to get 4 new ports or 7 newports.
  2. thank you for the response it does help alot. I was hoping if you or someone can explain the difference between a switch and a router in dumb ppl talk. i looked it up and really learned nothing.
  3. Router connnects to the modem and provides network translation between your private network and the public network (the internet). It also assignes the proper IP addresses to your devices so they can each talk on the network without conflicts. The Router contains a switch in it, which are the ports already on it, to provide several connections for you. A separate switch further adds ports for connecting devices to the router, but it's "dumb" compared to the router and can only divide up the signal, not provide internet access or address assignments.
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