Will my motherboard fit?

Would my Motherboard from a Packard Bell ixtreme M5800 (I bought just over a year ago) fit in this case

The only information I can find for my motherboard is this from CPU-Z

Motherboard section,
Manufacturer: Packard Bell
Model: ixtreme M5800

and then my chipset, Intel Havendale/Clarkdale

BIOS section,

Brand:American Megatrends Inc.
Version: P01-A2

If this doesn't help you with what the motherboard is can you tell me where I can find out what the exact model/make it is?
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  1. Have you looked for MFGR/Model numbers on the motherboard itself?
    You can often find them. Packard Bell doesn't make their own boards.
  2. Looking at the back side of the ixtreme M5800 case it's pretty clear it's a standard ATX layout.
    There should be no problem putting the motherboard into that ATX standard CiT Vantage case.
  3. Ok thanks, Is there any point to upload pictures of the back of mine just to make sure (Although I'm pretty sure it will be the same) or are you certain this will fit?
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    I found an online pic of the ixtreme M5800 and compared it to the CiT case.
    It was enough to convince me it's straight ATX standard in both.
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  6. Thanks for the help, If it doesn't fit I will blame it all on you :D
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