New Build Won't Turn On!

Okay, so I just built another desktop for my brother with the same specs as my own desktop. Unfortunately, I turn the PSU on and the motherboard's power light turns green, but when I press the power button it does nothing at all.

Visiontek 650W
Sapphire Radeon HD 6850
Corsair 2x4gb RAM
WD 500gb HDD

As I said, it is identical to my personal desktop so I don't know if its the motherboard, or the PSU. Also, my father decided to do his usual BS with the PWR_LED plug. The case comes with a 2-pin, but the motherboard has 2 pins but not side by side for the PWR_LED. I have tried to move them around, thinking maybe it only needs to be hooked up to one pin because it could be a circuit meant to only be hooked up to one pin on the motherboard, if that makes sense?

I would like to know how I can test to see if its the motherboard's starters that are bad, or if its the PSU (which I highly doubt because of the bright green light)?

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  1. Have you checked the motherboard instructions for the front panel?
  2. Nom Nom said:
    Have you checked the motherboard instructions for the front panel?

    Of course I did. My PSU will work on his motherboard, his will work in mine, but his will not turn on with his motherboard... Give me some possibilities as to why this is if you could. And we have the same, exact parts.
  3. Unplug the pwr sw. wires and short the 2 pins with something like a screwdriver... see if it starts. The problem may be the pwr sw.
  4. Look over the forum's "System won't boot" checklist
    It runs through basic troubleshooting and mentions some of the common problems that need checking.
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    The problem with the FP LED wiring is a common issue with cases that don't have the + and - wires separated into single conductors. If you are very careful, you may be able to cut the connector apart.
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