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Hello! I'm new to this site. So recently I was thinking of purchasing a new gaming rig. I was looking around, and for the power I wanted, it was going to cost way too much money from any of the popular sites. So I decided to build my own. I've been doing research on how to and it's looking less and less scary now that I'm familiarizing myself with things. (Of course I'll refer back to this site with my planned build for suggestions.) I'm planning on doing the build in a month or two. But for now, I need to choose my parts. I'm finding choosing the case to be one of the hardest choices, simply because there are so many to choose from. I'd really like the computer to look awesome, and the idea of a side-window showing off my components and LEDs appeals to me. However, this doesn't narrow down the search enough. I started looking at cases that looked awesome, but also had great ventilation, were quiet, etc and here's the bunch I found.

Cooler Master Haf X
Thermaltake Level 10 Gt (LOVE the features, but I heard it feels cheap. Plus it looks a bit odd)
Antec DF-85 Black Steel
NZXT Switch 810 (I didn't do much research on this yet, but it looks pretty cool)
Corsair Obsidian Series 800D (Heard good things about corsair, aside from the price)
Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Steel (Heard good things about this one)
Cooler Master Haf 932 (Heard great things about this case)
Cooler Master CM Storm Series Trooper (Heard great things about this one as well)

Most of these 'look" appealing to me. But of these, which ones are the best? Are there any better cases I'm overlooking?

Here's what I'm looking for
-fan power
-low fan noise levels
-hard drive bays
-possible liquid cooling
-USB 3.0 as well as other ports
-An appealing look (I'll probably add LEDs)
-Build quality
-Extra features (locks, dust filters, etc)

Thank you for your time and help/suggestions. I'm still a noob at this, but I know that the case quality is very important as well as many of the features so I want to choose wisely.
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  1. The Antec DF85 and Antec 1200 both have multispeed fans with dust filters and are almost silent while still moving a good amount of air on low. Both are very well built.

    The Haf 932 cools as well as the Antec cases and may have even better cable management but will be louder and does not have dust filters. Build quality is good but maybe not as good as the Antec cases.

    The Corsair is probably the best made case listed but is not as good with air cooling. For water cooling it can't be beat.
  2. had a few of those cases

    just did a new build and after a lot of reading got it down to

    coolermaster cosmos 2 ultra--if you can afford it then its the case to buy no doubt--but £300 plus was too

    much for me no matter how good it is

    corsair obsidian 800d or 650d--very good cases if a little expensive--but none of the retailers i asked could tell

    me if i would receive the usb 3.0 version or the 2.0 version and at that price i wasnt willing to buy an io

    port upgrade kit as well

    coolermaster storm trooper

    this was what i got eventually and coming from a haf x this is better--some places should by now be

    shipping version 2 which has a side panel with a window or selling the panel seperately

    also was on special offer for coolermasters 20th anniversary so only £120

    fantastic case and the only thing i could fault was having to remove the ssd cage to fit an ssd drive and that

    the feet are very low if sitting on carpet and you want to put in a bottom fan where the ssd cage is

    only little niggles though

    so would very highly recomend the storm trooper :D
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