Will my current setup eventually BOTTLENECK the CPU?

Hi guys,

I'm planning on buying a second video card for my system but I don't know if they will bottleneck the CPU.

My current rig is:

CORSAIR H70 Watercooler
GSKILL 16GB 1600mhz
INTEL i7 @ 3.4Ghz with turbo boost to 3.8Ghz
ASUS Maximus IV P67 Extreme Motherboard

1 x nVidia PNY580GTX 1.5GB

and I plan to purchase a second 580GTX.
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  1. your cpu will not bottleneck the gtx 580 sli
  2. antonisrsx said:
    your cpu will not bottleneck the gtx 580 sli

    I haven't OC it yet. I just want to know if I run both 580GTX in SLI on ONE monitor which the one I have is the ASUSV248, will the SLI setup bottleneck the CPU or can I run that CPU?
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    your fine, CPU is up to challenge
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