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I know this sounds like a retarded question, but I am nowhere near as tech-savvy as most of you are. Basically, as of a couple days ago, my computer will not charge at all. It still works as long as i have it plugged into the wall, but when i mouse over the battery symbol in the lower right corner it says "Plugged In, Not Charging". I have spoken with my friend who is a computer tech and he says that it is most likely a bad battery that will need replaced, but that I should come here for a better, more complete answer (as well as any inexpensive alternatives to buying a new battery). He speaks very highly of this community, and as a first time user I am anxious to see for myself. Thank you, and have a great day!
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  1. With any laptop/net/notebook,
    That would be the first option, rule out the battery being defective,
    Anyone you know have the same laptop you can swap batteries with?
  2. He is right, most likely it is a bad battery. Did you notice any shortening in the battery live before?
  3. No shortening before this, and unfortunately I just moved 4 states away from anyone else that I know. So borrowing someone elses battery would be tough> Thank you both for your input, it is valued. Any more suggestions would be welcome.
  4. If the battery is less than a year old contact the manufacturer for a replacement. If its more than a year old then amazon usually has fair priced batties available.
  5. Yeah I think it's just over a yr old >( ok, well thanks for the advice guys, I suppose I'll just have to buy a new one. I saw a bunch of stuff on Youtube about uninstalling the battery and reinstalling, etc. I wanted to get some opinions before I tried anything i'm unfamiliar with though.
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