Time to retire my 2 Geforce 8800 GTS 512's

Its time to retire my 2 Geforce 8800 GTS 512's in Sli. These two cards were the bomb back in the day but I need to replace them with a new card. Any recommendations on a single card to replace these under $300? I need a good card for high settings on the MW3 and Battlefield 3 games.

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  1. Best card for $300:
    Not the best model of the card but it should be fine and other versions are above your budget. Otherwise buy either a GTX 560 Ti or HD6950 with good cooling and give it a nice OC.
  2. normally I would agree that the 570 is a good card but after hearing the stuff in this vid I'd get a 6950 or greater with 2gig of ram.... pay attention to what the guy says in the vid..... and it's 5 videos long so prepare yourself for it.

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