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I'm just getting into case modding an I want to add a fan and a couple lights in my tower but I have no where to plug them in. How to I add places to plug things in?
I did try an google t an google doesn't even understand what I'm talkig about. Or more I have no idea how to ask in a way closes enough to what it is where google can understand me.
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  1. Most those things will plug directly to a 4pin molex/peripheral connector from the PSU.
  2. fans come in 3 pin or 4 pin usually for motherboard headers and if you lack the header you can buy a molex adapter to run them, or a fan controller.

    Lights designed for pc cases typically plug into a molex. Led strips designed for use in cars an be easily adapted to use a molex also.
  3. I googled moped adapters an one place I read that you shouldn't plug things into the moped adapter that is coming off your hdd. But that is the only free one in my computer an off of that there is also a 4 pin, it's like the the other just really small.
  4. Molex*
  5. It is fine to plug into a molex cable connected to a HDD! Neither fans nor lights are going to rob enough power to starve a HDD!
  6. I was curious at what you guys thought about that, an how many you can attach together Or more what the formula do you use to find it out?
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