Which ASUS ROG motherboard?

I'm looking for a good motherboard for LGA 1150 when it comes out. I don't know if I can choose a specific motherboard yet because I don't know what ASUS decided on when it comes to announce the new motherboards. Anyway when I was looking at their motherbaords I notices things like "Rampage" and "Formula" models of their ROG motherboards. What's the difference between them as far as price and features go? Which one should I try and get in like a $150 budget?
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  1. ^ You should get exactly that - one that costs about $150. (The only ASUS motherboards to avoid are the ones cheaper than that and the Sabertooth line.)

    That being said, you'll probably get more value out of, say, an AsRock board. AsRock used to be a subsidy of Asus that was founded to design a better budget motherboard - they did it so well that they formed their own company and are now the third largest motherboard maker across the globe.
  2. Which motherboard?
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  4. So? Which motherboard?
  5. I'm personally looking to the ROG Maximus VI(? I assume) Formula motherboard for Haswell. I've been impressed with my Maximus IV board and I like the idea of water over the VRM. I have to admit that I have paid very little attention to the Rampage boards though since I decided socket 2011 wasn't needed for my gaming build.
  6. Well can you give me an idea of what all these weird names mean when looking for an ROG motherboard?
  7. I'm not really up on Asus marketing but I'll let JJ from Asus try to cover your questions about the ROG line here and here
    I found it a little dry but informative
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    Maximus=Intel Mainstream Line
    Rampage=Intel Enthusiast Line

    Haswell will be Maximus VI probably, then once Haswell-E comes out it'll be a Rampage V.

    The difference between Formula and Extreme is minimal, Formula is typically geared towards gamers(4-way SLI/CFX, integrated high quality sound) whereas the Extreme adds more features for overclockers(subzero sense/OC key, etc.).
  9. I love how there's no AMD enthusiast ones.
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