Is it normal for windiws 7 to freeze for rate my computer

Hey team,
i just brought home my new computer
i7 3630K
gigabytte x76 MOBO
Quadro 4000 graphics card
lanboy air case
seasonic +80 platinum power supply

Is not running very good for 3ds max on first try(what it is bought for), guys at shop have only put generic graphics driver in for card so I will try out 3ds max specific driver unless you guys have other advice. (cursor continually turns to blue circle in stuttering way)

Question, is it ok that windows 7 "rate my computer" makes this computer freeze up? Guys at shop reckin dont worry about it, it is a gimmick, it hangs up on 3D direct 9 alpha something or something like that.
any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    updating the drivers should help a lot.
  2. this link is for the latest win 7 64 driver and try this for computer rating use the 2.3 one for your os
  3. guys at the shop had the bios settings wrong for the chip
  4. hope everything work good now
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