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High memory usage, Unknown cause

I have 12 GB of memory... I never thought I would ever run into low memory errors...

After ~20-30 minutes of normal use, I keep receiving low memory errors. I checked in Task Manager, and saw no processes that were using a lot of memory, the highest usage being about 100 MB... After a few minutes after the errors, most of my open programs would crash, and then Windows would become unusable, requiring a forced-restart... I am completely clueless what could possibly be causing these errors... Any ideas?

What I've tried:
> Running Memory Diagnostics [Extended], No errors
> Increasing Virtual Memory, No effect
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  1. I'd also run Malwarebytes or any other anti-virus solftware you may have, this sounds like a virus to me tbh. Also what OS are you using ? Win 7 Ultimate, which I use averages 1.5-2GBs *and like you doesn't show in taskmanager*.

    I also have 12GBs of ram, but I also run Advanced system care pro, which has a little app that free's up ram. I also noticed that after using apps that use a lot of ram *like handbrake* that my in use ram go's way down, sometime's below 1GB *wish it was always like that lols*. Hope some of this helps :).
  2. Alright, I ran a full scan, and my system was clean.
    I did find out that Google Chrome is eating up my memory, even though it doesn't add up in Task Manager... [killing all chrome.exe processes]
    However, I don't understand why chrome is using up so much memory, I only have two extensions running [AdBlock & Force-Reload]. I'm going to try reinstalling it.
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    It could be that there is a memory leak in the browser which is leading to an excessive use of memory, since your system is clean of virus's that was the 1st thing that popped in my head lols.
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