Gigabit to 100 Mbit/s Need crossover?

Hi folks. I need a clarification. I've got an old PC using a A7N8X-X motherboard. I'm getting a new PC shortly that uses a P8P67 EVO (With two gigabit ethernet ports) and want to hook the two up for a few days to transfer things over from one to the other (and perhaps play some classic Unreal Tournament with the wife).

My question is this; Do I need an ethernet crossover or does MDI work when connecting a gigabit port to a non gigabit port, thus I'd just need a standard ethernet cable? I've looked around online a bit and can see that gigabit to gigabit no crossover is needed, but I'm not sure about gigabit to non.

Thanks in advance folks!
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    If one network adapter is autosensing (I assume what the new motherboard claims) you won't need a crossover cable.
  2. Excellent! Thank you!
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