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Hey guys, just had a question, I'm doing my first computer build with the intel H61 micro-ATX chipset. I do know that their is some relation between the Chipset and the PSU, and I was wondering if the H61 would work wih this PSU: If you need any other details I would be glad to provide them :) thanks.
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  1. That PSU is not worth the money. Has nothing to do with the chipset!
    This Corsair TX650 V2 is much better!
  2. Alright, so any PSU would work? :) Would you like to recommend one? preferably from as shiping is cheaper the more you order in at once
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    Already did, the CM extreme power is their budget line and has less than perfect record!
  4. Im just a little bit worried if 650w will handle my build. I'm going to be using an intel 2500, msi twin frozr 2 560ti and the rest would be irrelivant to power consumption. I'm not planning on crossfiring (as I cant with the h61) but would like to OC my GPU in the end.
  5. Actually, your link led me to this! for just a few bucks more I can get a 750w, for 89$ with a rebate. Thanks! I will defiantely be purchasing this.
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  7. A quality 650watt PSU like that can handle any single GPU build!
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