Building my first computer.

I am pretty good with my hands and would love to build my next computer. I would like to build something like the dell work stations. I don't know where to start. I am looking as Asus for mother ATX boards but don't know which one, I like intel for chips and I guess I have to aim for around $2,500 with 16gigs of ram and able to build. I like a mid range 3d video card like the Nvidia Quadro 2000
any help would be great.
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  1. Start with youtube; they have lots of videos for do it yourself systems:
  2. thank you I did just that. I called dell and cancelled my order and will build my next computer.
  3. over the years I have installed harddrives, video cards, updated ram, changed powersupplies and thought this would be very easy. everything has changed it feels like I have never done anything. between work and everything else that gets in the way its a pretty hard job for me. worried about burning out my quadro 4000. I am going to change the power supply to the Corsair AX Series and also going to change my 4gb x 4 ram to 8gb x2 incase I want to add more later on.
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