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SBRTooth Z77/No GPU - Dual Displays?

Last response: in Motherboards
February 5, 2013 2:43:55 AM

I am currently running Intel HD 4000 graphics via the Intel i5-3570k Ivy Bridge CPU on an Asus Sabretooth Z77 MoBo. Therefore, I only have an HDMI and a Display Port coming from the MoBo.

I currently have the HDMI port feeding my Samsung LED S23B550 running at 1920x1080 as my main display.

I am wanting to hook my 32" Samsung TV via a Display Port to HDMI converter to use as a second display. Plug and Play is not working here.

Is this even an option for me since I currently do not have a GPU and am simply using the MoBo? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(The Samsung 32" tv is an older model [about 2-3 years old] and is an LCD 1080i rated television.)
February 6, 2013 2:58:17 AM

I can't find anything about dual displays from the on board HDMI/Display ports in the manual...
February 8, 2013 8:58:37 PM

No clue, eh?