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I'm stuck between getting a 2GB 6950 for approx £190 or a 1 GB 560 ti for approx £170. I have a AMD Phenom II 3.4 GHz x4 (965). The price difference isn't a biggy for me I'm just wondering which of the cards will run better with my AMD CPU. Does it even matter nowadays to have a Nvidia GPU with an AMD CPU? Are the drivers that much better for Nvidia cards?

Any advice is appreciated, especially from those who run amd cpus and nvidia gpus.

What do you guys think?

(I currently play FF XIV, and will be playing Skyrim and Battlefield 3 if thats any help)
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  1. Its really depends on your resolution in order for it to make sense to get a 2gb card.
  2. To add, if you want the AMD video stabilization feature, that is a small plus in the 6950's favor. Obviously consider the 6970 BIOS mode of course. Beyond that, I am not sure you will be unhappy either way.
  3. gtx 560 ti for sure !!
  4. my max resolution of my monitor is 1920 x 1080, been using a 5770 for a while now think i might try the 560 ti unless someones had a bad experience using a AMD cpu with a NVidia card recently, my friend tells me not todo it and stick with an ATI/AMD card as he has had issues in the past. He hasnt bought a card for a few years though
  5. Not an issue of AMD cpu and Nvidia gpu i guess.

    GPU performance differs by the games you want to play, the monitor you want to hook into and the drivers you use.

    560Ti FTW! Better drivers for most of the games...
  6. mauler184 said:
    Its really depends on your resolution in order for it to make sense to get a 2gb card.

    It almost never matters for cards in that performance category. Tests have shown the 1GB version of the HD 6950 performs just as well through all resolutions as the 2GB version. By the time it would matter cards like that have run out of GPU power.


    O.P., those cards are neck and neck in performance. The best deal should be what drives your purchase.
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