Power Supply Causing Red Flicker in Full Screen Games

I have just recently bought a new Alienware laptop. It has been working perfectly fine until I decided to play with the high contrast setting for Windows 7 themes. After doing so, Full Screen games got a flicker of red in the background whenever I play. If I unplug my laptop from the power supply, it goes back to normal. Does anyone know what is causing this problem? If anyone can tell me anything, it would be a huge help. Thanks!
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  1. did you try to reset contrast to factory settings
  2. Where can I do that? I thought I did, though I may be mistaken.
  3. It is the M18x Model
  4. try the manual setting on page 23 and you could do Alien Respawn page 56
  5. Did you ever end up fixing it?

    I'm having the same problem.
  6. Quote:
    Did you ever end up fixing it?

    I'm having the same problem.

    I haven't fixed it yet, though I may now know what the problem is. I believe something is wrong with the SLI chip inside of the laptop causing the graphics cards to become un-synced and thus causing the red flicker. I disabled the SLI function and that seems to have stopped the flickering though I have yet to get it fixed. Hope this helps!
  7. I've been doing this too. Sadly this isn't a solution though, just a temporary workaround. I didn't pay this much for a laptop with SLI just to turn it off.

    580Ms are expensive.
  8. My thoughts exactly. I have yet to contact Dell to see if I can get it sent in for fixing. I need it for my classes so I can't just let it go for any more than a few days. Hopefully I will be able to soon, or at the least open it up and take a look at it myself.
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