Asus p8z68-v lx external boot

I'm trying to do an external build. But I have no idea how to turn it on? I have referred to the manual of the motherboard but can't find it.

This is my first build guys.

Could anyone help?
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  1. Do you have a switch on the MB for the power button? Just like a traditional case, the power button connects to the front panel. Check the manual, or labeling on the board, to determine the two correct posts. For testing you can jumper the two posts with a screwdriver, but hit an electronics store and pick up an actual switch.
  2. Just hook everything up and then short the two pins for Power Swith PW+ and PW- in the F Panel at the corner down by the SATA connector edge with something metallic (screwdriver) for a couple seconds.
  3. Oh my. I tried to turn it on, and BANG. The power supply made a noise. I have totally and utterly messed this?
  4. I done it with the screwdriver, touching the two pins. But it just instantly made a noise. And the power supply was, smelly..
  5. Help? Freaking out here..
  6. Either something was connected wrong creating a short circuit for the PSU, or more likely a bad PSU.

    If it smells like burned bakelite, a bad smell that florescent light ballasts have when they die, you need to RMA the PSU, you can't repair it.
  7. Ok. All other parts are working fine, sending back the PSU. thanks
  8. Sure, just a little bad luck with the PSU.

    Merry Christmas.
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