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Best 21/22"crt monitor to buy ?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
April 1, 2003 7:34:08 PM

i'm planning to buy a 21/22" monitor but i don't know which one which one a really good mostly for playing games

i'm thinking about a couple

Iiyama HM204DT Vision Master Pro 514
Mitsubishi Pro 2060u
Mitsubishi Pro 2070SB
Philips 202P40

anyone got some good advice ?

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April 14, 2003 6:24:17 PM

I was JUST about to post a similar post, but when I saw yours I figured I'd just bump it up and hope we can both get a reply. I've spent HOURS looking for reviews but most sites only have reviews of 19" CRTs or their 21" reviews are a bit old.
April 15, 2003 3:07:50 PM

i found some review of the "Mitsubishi Pro 2070SB"

and looked on other forums and are very positive about this monitor so for now i'm keeping this one as the one i'm going to buy when i buy my new system in maybe a month

here's one review:

i wanna use my monitor mostly for gaming
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April 15, 2003 9:53:20 PM

Yep thats one of 2 that I'm seriously considering. What do you think of this one?


I've read reviews but never saved the links.

Anyone else reading this thread? :p 
April 16, 2003 2:17:14 PM

i saw somewhere that the "NEC FP2141SB-BK" is the same as the "Mitsubishi Pro 2070SB"

and nec-Mitsubishi are joined together orsomething

and i don't see the "NEC FP2141SB-BK" in the monitor list on a hardware site that has al ist off company's that sell pc stuff in my country

i would really like to see the "Mitsubishi Pro 2070SB"
in black :) 
April 16, 2003 8:16:28 PM

if your willing to spend the money, sony just put out their F series 21" crt's. the moniter has crazy refresh rates @ super high res. it got great reviews in max pc, if your willing to spend $1599. i actually just picked up a viewsonic p225fb for $600 from For the price, tom's gave it a pretty good review.

Happy hunting
April 18, 2003 3:46:23 PM

I was looking at getting the 2141sb/2070sb. However I didn't really need a usb hub, bnc connectors or resolutions above 1600x1200 as I'm primarily a gamer not a professional. I found a Nec monitor called the fe2111sb that fits the bill. It has the diamondtron tube, is a flat aperture (sp?) grille, has the same dot pitch (.24), same size (22inch 20vis), doesn't have the stuff I don't need and works at 85 hz at 1600 x 1200. Also it's cheaper. Games look great on this monitor. With the superbright feature colours appear that weren't there on my old one. One word of advice, buy from somewhere that has a good return policy. My first monitor had a dead pixel and Dell gave me no hassles and is sending me a replacement and paying for all the shipping (I hope this one works).
April 19, 2003 3:45:03 AM

have you guys considered/looked at the Sony's. They are known for very good graphic display on their monitors. For gaming, it should be good, no?
April 19, 2003 4:09:45 AM

Well for me, its more then just gaming. I'm in school taking digital imaging, so I'm taking that into account too. Considering the price of the monitor, I need it to last a while. :p 
April 27, 2003 3:41:14 AM

I have a Sony G410r, and none of my friends monitor can come close to matching the crisp and vivid color of my CRT.

Sony 21" should be a great monitor...but it get what you pay for
April 27, 2003 8:06:57 AM

I recently purchased the 21" sony e540 for $500 from newegg , i dont know what price range you were looking at but i found this was a good deal, it looks nice and you mentioned you would like a black monitor, and it comes in black.
April 28, 2003 4:10:13 AM

hey, how's the color and sharpness on the E540? Is it perfectly flat and everything??? I was looking at that and the G540.....
June 4, 2003 9:00:27 PM

You guys should check out, in particular their Cornerstone P1750 monitor. They have a bunch of comparisons on that website, so you can compare the monitors you guys are looking at with each other and get an overall picture of which has the best specs, etc.

If I can find that damned P1750 up in Canada (none of Cornerstone's distributors ship up to Canada), I'll get the P1750. Otherwise, I'll pick up the NEC FP2141SB-BK. These two have comparable stats.

Hope I helped :D 



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June 5, 2003 10:17:13 AM

I agree with Fusion. Check out that site, great customer service and great prices.

Also remember that 21 and 22" monitors have the same viewing size.

I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad: 
September 26, 2003 4:27:08 AM

I have a Mitsubishi DP2070SB. In the states it only comes in black, same with the NEC FP2141SB. I brough my monitor on ebay. Got a good price, around $500. I also have a NEC FE2111SB. I don't notice much difference between the two. The DP2070SB comes with USBs and extras, but I don't have use for them; it also has 2048 x 1532, the FE2111SB has 1920 x 1440 res. 99% of the time you won't use it. At least I don't.

The Super Bright feature is cool. I use it with my AIW 9700 pro card. It can brighten some dark channels.

Watching DVD movies are completely awesome!

I think its a good monitor and so is the Sony 520 series, they have the same resolution. The Sony 540 has the same resolution as the FE2111SB.

I think the Sony monitor is a little crisper, but I like my monitors very much.

You do have to get use to the two lines across the screen. A feature of the apeture grill.

Good Luck, Peter
November 2, 2003 2:14:05 AM

Peter, you make a good point about the aperture grill lines on the monitor. Do any of these use shadow mask instead? One other question, since these things are so big, do they make any with a compact depth. Seems I saw one CRT monitor several years ago touting that, but nothing since LCDs became popular. How deep are these big boys?
November 2, 2003 3:36:52 PM

I am allso loocking for a 22" Monitor. How about the Samsung 1200NF. I need it more for work, graphics & video editing.
November 6, 2003 2:12:19 AM

I think Viewsonic makes some shadow mask CRTs. Any diamondtron (NEC version of Trinitron from Sony) will use aperture grille. The lines use to brother me, but I have learned to cope with it. One advantage to the diamontron is the brightness. I have not seen any 21-22 in CRTs with the shadow mask so I don't know how it stacks up against the diamontron.