Making an Acer Recovery Partition

heya everyone,

before people say anything about what i want to do, 1, yes i am crazy and 2, i have 4 days off work, so i need something to do.

now with that over, lol, this is what i want to do.

you know how most laptops have a hidden recovery partition, where you can use the Alt + F10 combo or something similar to reinstall windows, i want to make one of them, and put it on my laptop, so if i am ever needing to reinstall windows, i can do it, without needing all of my disks.

i know most people are going to say just use ghost or something like that, but i have games like bioshock, and ra3 etc installed, and i want to include them in the recovery partition.


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  1. Yup, you're crazy! :D
    AFAIK, recovery partitions are only created by OEM manufacturers. The closest thing for the consumer is probably a system image, functionality which is built into Windows 7 via Backup & Restore (in the Control Panel).
  2. lol, yeh i know, but there will have to be some way of a consumer making a recovery image like the oem manufacturers.

    hopefully someone, knows how they do it, or has worked at an oem somewhere in the world, who knows how it is done.
  3. Ok you need to use Windows Backup, it will create an image of your hard disk. Whenever you wanted to restore your system, you can either use the F8 key, selecting Repair computer, then image restore. Or you will use the Recovery CD/DVD, which the windows backup will prompts you as an option to create.

    That is it, is very simple.

    Here a guide.
  4. If you have only one hard drive, you obviously need to create the extra partition for the backup image. Creating the partition during windows installation is recommended, rather than using disk management.

    Ideally you should have the backup image on a separate hard drive.
  5. yeh i have 2 hard drives in my laptop, but for the moment, i am really interested in trying to make a factory recovery partition. otherwise i will just make a bootable ghost image dvd set.
  6. The recovery partition is known an an EISA Partition or an OEM Diagnostic Tools Partition.

    These partitions are basically a Linux EXT or EXT2 partition

    The EISA Partition always needs to be the first partition on your drive while the Operating System partition needs to be the second before you install you're OS.

    So it would look like this:

    Drive 0 Partition 0 Recovery
    Drive 0 Partition 1 Operating System

    Also, you are allowed to have up to 4 Logical Partitions on a drive.

    Do a Google search for OEM Diagnostic Tools Partition will bring plenty of results on this subject.

    A tool I use to access EISA partitions is Ext2 IFS for Windows which allows you to set a drive letter for Lix partitions or to remove a set drive letter to keep said partition hidden. To install this tool, you have to right click on the installer, select properties, then the Compatibility tab and set it to run in Vista Compatibility Mode and it'll install with no problem.
  7. massiveoni said:
    make a bootable ghost image dvd set
    Thats your best and easiest option. Trying to make a 'factory' recovery partition does you no good if you have a HDD failure or the laptop is taken. And its a LOT easier to do.
  8. Except Norton Ghost is a Discontinued product and has not been updated in years.

    So if you go this route, you're best off using Acronis or some other software which can manage this safely.
  9. Windows backup is capable of creating the complete system image for you and u can restore it at will. Can you specify why you want to make oem image? I just don’t get your point.
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