Poor System Performance After GTX580 Installation

I just bought a Asus Geforce GTX 580 but am having some difficulties now...

My Current System Specs:

Intel i7 920 @ 2.65Ghz (not over clocked)
12GB of G.Skill DDR3
Antec Earthwatts 650W PSU
Nvidia EVGA Geforce GTS250
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I currently put the GTS250 back in because once I installed the GTX580 my systems performance plummeted. CPU usage shot up and down and rarely ever went below 50%. Poor video performance and I installed the latest drivers as well. I thought perhaps maybe something nasty got through my antivirus so I did a complete reformat. But sure enough the problem is still there. Any ideas on what it could be? I have a hunch that is could be the PSU. Upon reading the reviews on Newegg a couple of posters got by with a 650W PSU but apparently not me. Any ideas?
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  1. i've seen it mentioned that you will need a total of 42 amps - but im not familiar with the card myself other than knowing where it sits in the big picture of gpu so forgive me if Im talking out of my bottom

    I will take a look at your PSU now and report back shortly


    edit - now back. here is your PSU spec:

    web suggests the GPU needs 600W minimum (not necessarily true) so your PSU is good on that front. If it needs 6 & 8 pin power connectors (pls confirm) these will need to be from seperate rails looking at the amp specs on above image - again I stand to be corrected but this is my basic understanding. are you using both power connectors from the same rail? id suggest this is the issue

    I'd be happy if mousemonkey or any others could confirm

    what a beefy card, it should fly through BF3 on ultimate settings I'd imagine

    my GTX 460 SOC SLI looks up at your 580 with envy lol

    good luck and keep us updated

  2. Thanks for the fast reply cps1974. I'm not entirely sure about the connectors on the same rail. I have 1 identified PCI-E power connector that is 8 pin, then another connector that is not marked that is a 6 pin. I used the supplied 6 to 8 pin adapter for the unlabeled power connector. I would have thought that the card wouldn't even of powered on if my PSU wasn't sufficient enough. I'm looking at a Corsair HX750 for a possible replacement but I'd like a few more inputs on my issue before I drop $150.
  3. was the poor video performance in-game?

    if so, my guess is that the card has enough juice to handle non-gaming usage (windows and other non-game related tasks) but when it is taxed in-game and draws more power it begins to buckle due to aforementioned lack of amps

    can you have a closer look or comment on the connectors currently being used and confirm that the 8 pin and 6 pin (all be it with 8 pin adapter) are not from the same 12v rail? if both connectors are from different rails you will need to watch you dont use 2 x 18A rails as combined these would only be 36A

    I'm not sure how other equipment in the case connected to the same rail affects the ampage available

    defo need some GTX 580 owners here to advise, come on Toms!

    the PSU you have identified as a possible replacement looks awesome and is very very popular, the Corsair's single 12v rail provides upto 62A

    an additional thought - will the mighty GTX 580 be bottlenecked by non OC cpu @ 2.65GHz? a while back (in a different PC) I had a single GTX 460 that was getting slightly bottlenecked by Q6600 @ 2.4GHz

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