What new graphics card should I get?

So I have an i5 processor, 8 Gb Ram, 1 TB memory, and an AMD Radeon HD 5450 Graphics card... So I talked to AMD before I bought Battlefield 3, which this is about, and they told me that the HD 5450 would work beautifully on Battlefield 3... so I bought it, trusting them... So when it finally comes out, the menu is beautiful, cutscenes, cinematography, but the gameplay on Low, not to mention Hard was terrible... Almost un playable... And so i've been told by a friend i should look into getting a new Graphics card for my PCIe x16 slot on My Dell XPS 8100... which one could i get for a relatively good price that would allow me to play this well on high to ultra settings? BTW im totally peeved AMD led me into buying a 60 dollar game I can't yet play...
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  1. Without swapping PSU then HD5670 or HD6670 is the max I can recommend on the std 350watt PSU. Swapping in a bigger PSU and everything opens up!
  2. PSU? is that how fast my CPUs work? cause the processors work at 4 CPUs at 3.2 Ghz each...
  3. PSU = power supply, the more powerful a card you want to put in there the bigger PSU you need.
  4. the 5670 wont let you down for a low power card
  5. a 5670 wont let you play on ULTRA tho either.

    When they say it will "Play" the game means only just.
    like saying a 1.3ltr 4cyl "Can" pull a boat. definatly would not want a big boat or live in a hilly area.

    we need to know what power supply you have.

    for high / ultra you would need something like a 6950 but that will need a 600watt or better power supply

    $250ish for the 6950
    $100ish for the PSU
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