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Will this motherboard work with the AMD 8 Core CPU. The difrence i see is am3 and am3+ Will this still work? Would there be a big disavatage to a motherboard that had am3+ vs mine that does not. I will be playing BF3

Got a gtx 680 coming in to marrow MotherBoard CPU
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  1. No, that motherboard will not work with the processor. The AM3+ has different power requirements that the AM3 does not supply. You will have to get an AM3+ motherboard.
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    Theres no reason at all to buy an AM3 board, backwards compatibility is broken for the FX series, and with Phenom IIs discontinued, AM3 boards have no future. You need an AM3+ for that CPU.

    If its in your budget, this is a great board:

    Very user friendly BIOS, Built in POST check LEDs, lots of connectors for anything, good overclocking options, 5 year warranty, very heavy high quality construction, you really can't do much better.
  3. Well I need one with slightly thou cuz i may get anther 680 down the line
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