Too small for SLI? Take a look

Hey guys, I put this build together a week ago. It features a
.LIAN LI- Lancoolk7 case
.Intel core i5-2500k PCU
.Nvidia GTX 560 Ti GPU
.8502 psu
.Asrock p67 extreme3 gene4 MOBO
.8 gb sniper memory
.1tb samsung hdd
.64gb crucial ssd

Now, reading reviews of the LIAN LI- Lancoolk7 case it seems I wont be able to go SLI which I wanted to do. I really want to keep this case and im willing to not go sli if its too small. I suppose gaming on high instead of ultra on the upcoming games will be okay for a new gamer like me.

Here is a link to the case
"Cons: I would not buy this for a gaming pc. I have a lian li pc-6fn and I have dual 6870's, and there is no way that this case could handle crossfire or sli."

Here is a photo of the inside of my build

Any help, is cherished! Please, bring me good news. :sol:
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  1. Thank you so much! Ya the PSU has so many unnecessary cables, but Ill do the best with what I have and take that advice.
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