$2000 upgrade

howzit guys

I have $2000 to blow on an upgrade and i was just looking for a few opinions...

Current specs:
Phoenom II x6 1090t @3.5
12GB DDR3 1333
2x 1TB HD
Aerocool Xpredator Evil Black
Gigabyte 6970
Gigabyte 720w
Win 7 Ult 64 bit

and I also have a bunch of kwl peripherals such as RAT 7 nd Logitech G930, etc...

It doesnt lag or anything but i hav some extra cash and want a newer generation system... but maby i should wait for Ivy bridge or the AMD 7970...
I NEED OPINIONS PLZ!!! :pt1cable:
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  1. Its a great PC. Wait for Ivy Bridge and 7970.
  2. ja...sounds the best option but i kinda need to plan. iv been looking at many rumors but cant find an approximate date...any help on this front?
  3. If it were my system I'd add a 2nd 6970, pick up 3x Dell u2412m 24" IPS 1920x1200 screens and go Eyefinity. With the other $750 I'd grab 2x Corsair Force 3 240GB SSDs.

    That's just me though.
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