Live platinum 5.1 with windows 2000?

I have the sound blaster's Live platinum 5.1 sound card, does it work with windows 2000?
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  1. And yer system is.....?

    K7 + KT7 + MX300 + VD3000 = :smile:
  2. Yep, I have it running here with an ASUS A7V and AMD TBird 950MHz with no troubles in a 5.1 analog setup. The only catch with the win2k drivers is that AC3 passthru does not work AFAIK. 3D sound with the included games is superb. Some people claim to have a ton of problems with this card, but my install was straightforward and it doesn't even have problems sharing IRQs with a number of other devices. (ACPI)


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