Xfx 6950 1gb, good? or stick with 560ti?

Hey guys.

Just sold my two 6850's as I want to get a single more powerful card (and eventually double up with it) I had been tossing up between a 1gb 6950 or a GTX560 ti (discussed that with some of you) and since they were the exact same price (400NZD) I had settled on the 560 ti twin frozr variant.
Today however, I went to purchase and noticed the site has a new 1gb 6950 from xfx that's a whole 50 dollars cheaper.
I would have jumped straight on it, but i checked out some reviews and a lot of people seem to have overheating issues. seems the cooler isn't that great. Its mainly newegg reviews though, and the vocal minority certainly sway results there. Can't find anything conclusive.

So basically, I want some opinions on which to go for:

this 6950: http://www.playtech.co.nz/afawcs0139235/CATID=300/ID=15419/SID=142669416/productdetails.html

or this 560 ti: http://www.playtech.co.nz/afawcs0139235/CATID=301/ID=16584/SID=981862162/productdetails.html

saving the 50 bucks means i can grab a new CPU cooler, which im in need of. But i don't want to end up with a loud card thats overheating all the time.

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  1. Holy S*** they are charging you that much for those cards!?????? For that price you can get a 570 or a 580.............
  2. Thats in NZ Dollars.

    parts are fairly expensive here, but generally comparable.
  3. Get the 6950. XFX i a good brand and has a lifetime warranty if you have any issues.
  4. lifetime warranty applies only to US though.
  5. from what i'd heard, that was being delayed til q1/q2 2012. that's why i'm upgrading now, can't wait that long. by then ill be happy buying a new card.
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