OEM computer with 2133mhz ram?

Ok I am looking to upgrade my ram as I only have 4gb of RAM and that is awful. I noticed their was a sale on newegg for G. skill Sniper series ram 8gb(2x4gb) of 2133mhz ram for $41.99 which is a steal. (I got this through neweggs top weakly deals ad).

Now what i was wondering is if i buy these ram sticks will my mobo downclock them to run at its max speed or will their be voltage issues? I know mobo's downclock ram to start but my mobo only supports 1066-1333mhz will the 1.6v be an issue with the motherboard and will it still work?

I really do not want to pass up this offer of 2133mhz ram for only &42 but i am worried about if my motherboard will accept them because my computer is an OEM acer desktop.


Will 1.6v ram clocked at 2133mhz be an issue with an OEM computer that supports 1066-1333mhz ram?
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  1. The ram will not be able to achieve 2133MHz no matter what in your machine. To get that frequency, overclocking is required on any current mobo/CPU combination. If the ram works, it will downclock itself to 1066MHz or 1333Mhz. Voltage shouldn't be an issue (Intel recommends 1.5v ram, AMD doesn't care) since the ram will be downclocked and likely undervolted too. But again, that is... if it works.
    I would highly recommend looking only at ram which Acer lists as supported for your system.
    My $0.02
  2. So i looked at the user guide for the acer machine and it says this

    "Dual-channel 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM supporting up to 8 GB (1 GB / 2 GB installed in each of four memory slots)"

    now i am worried that if i get them it will only register as a 2gb stick or even worse refuse to register at all. I really want to get these because i am doing an upcoming build in a few monthes and these are on sale but i am worried that the current computer i am using will refuse to take them.
  3. Using the higher rated memory will reap no benefit in your OEM system, as C12Friedman correctly points out. The desired memory will likely operate at 1333 per the restrictions built into the OEM BIOS.

    Still, the price is pretty good and the memory will likely work at the lower speeds with no issues. If you can find cheaper 1333 memory, you could save a few bucks (possibly).
  4. I understand that they will downclock to 1333 and there is no way for me to get them to work at 2133mhz in my oem but i was looking at since I was doing a new build in a few months that these for $42 is a great price that would it be worth it to jump on this deal?

    also was wondering since i can only have 2gb per stick according to the computer's manual, that will these register as 2gb sticks? or will they not register at all because they are more than 2gb/per stick?

    I was actually planning on getting these for a future build later on, so they are on sale which is a good thing that i should jump on but at the same time I don't want to get them and be unable to use them for a period of time which is why i am asking about my computer accepting these ram sticks
  5. They will likely be recognized as 2x4GB DIMMs (8GB total). Worth a shot given your future plans.
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