Wierd temp nd votage readings

These reading were shown by everest ultimate edition,,, i have recently installed an i5-2500k, the PSU is cooler master gx550 watt,, are the voltage readings correct ,, i dnt have gud knowledge about voltages but the CPU is shown underclocked to 1.5ghz most of the time nnd it keeps fluctuating,,,, so i go for a warranty replacement as the PSU is in 5 year warranty!!
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  1. http://www.freeimagehosting.net/27joi
    this is the pic forgot to include above
  2. If those voltages were accurate, then your PC would not boot. Hav eyou checked your voltages in BIOS? Tried Speedfan or HWMonitor?
  3. 1) 1.6 Ghz AT IDLE are normal for i5 SB CPUs. If not doing much they do not need to run full bore. As you load the CPU the speed will increase up to advertized speed.
    2) If Voltages are way out in left field - The program is NOT reading them correctly. Normally use the Utility program that comes with the Mother Board.

    Voltage readings in Bios, while correct, at not nearly as important Computer is close to idle, what is important is that the Voltages STAY within tollerence when the CPU/GPU are loaded.
    ie run Prime 95 to test CPU and memory
    Run Furmark to test GPU.

    Both will put a high load on the +12 V - IMPORTANT monitor temps closely!!!
    The Stock HSF is a very poor HSF and if not installed correctly your temps will skyrocket when running prime95.
  4. Thnks guys fr the info,,, actually i checked it with the INTEL DESKTOP utilities nd CPUz ,,, both showed normal voltages.
    The everest ultimate which i used was old version nnd it did nt support sandy bridge.
    Ndd also gt it that its 1.6ghz becoz of intel speedstep tech.
    well one more thing is that my RAM is Gskil Sniper 8gb 1600mhz,,, while my motherboard supports 1333mhz ,,,, but still cpuz shows that ram is on 800mhz??why??
  5. 800 mhz and dual channel = 1600 mhz
  6. CPU-z has two tabs for Ram. The first one shows what it is running @, the 2nd tab show what it is Capable at runnig at.
    If you have DDR3-1600 Ram, for SB system it will default to 1333, However if Bios is set to use XMP, profile 1 it will run at the rated spped and for DDR3-1600 that is 800.
  7. so how can i change it to 1600mhz,,, nnd wat is the thing abt DRAM:FSB ratio,,, mine is shown to be 24:3,,, shud it be 1:1???
    @correon How can my ram be in 1600mhz as u saying that dual channel 800mhz= 1600,,, when my mobo supports 1333 mhz??
  8. To set memorry to 1600: Bios, memory to XMP select profile1
  9. hey will my mobo support it if it has 1333mhz specification??
  10. hard to say, WHAT MB??
    ALL i5-2500k will say support 1333 as that is in the Specification: However; the vast majority support Higher. Only the buck 295 (Very low end) may not.
  11. mobo- intel dp67ba,,, well its shown an option of XMP 1600 profile in BIOS
    my psu is 550 watt,,, nd have connected two cabinet fans,,a pci slot fan(low power),,, 2 hdd's,, an ati 5750 (86watt),, i5 2500k,, nd 8gb ram,,, will inceasing the ram to 1600mhz draw alott power frm the PSU,, or do i need a PSU upgrade??
  12. A "Good" 450 watt PSU would work.
    For example, my i5-2500K OCed to 4.2 with the following:
    .. ATI 6870 GPU
    .. 16 Gigs Ram running @ 1600 (Ripjaw DDR3-1600, CL7, @ 1.6 V)
    .. 2 SSDs, 1 HDD, and 1 Blue ray writer
    When Loaded, By running Furmark, ONLY draws 350 Watts at the Wall outlet
  13. kk thnks fr all the info,,, btw are u really 70 years old ??
    well i will also try furmark,,, u using stock cooler??
  14. Will be this October, And yes:
    Retired from USAF in 1983
    Retired from work at NASA in 2004 ( Worked at Nasa as contractor)
    2008 they called me up and asked if I would like to come back as a "Causal" employee. So came back part time and as long as the work I'm doing is enjoyable, AND LESS than ful time, Probably good till 2014 (Planed launch of Satellite that I'm currently working on).
  15. those are hell lot of achievements,,gr8 info,,, nd gudluck fr the launch,, nxt time i hav a prblem, will PM u!
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