Video probs with Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H mobo

I replaced and older ASUS mobo/cpu recently with a new Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H and i5-3570k. The mobo/cpu combo seems to be working great, especially with gaming where my old CPU had become a bottleneck. But I'm having vidoe issues. I have 2 MSI 460 GTX Cyclones in SLI. Starting off I got a few blue-screens that appear to track back to video errors. And more recently, I've gotten crashes within windows (one time while in steam, another while just in chrome) where the screen goes black for awhile, and then a tray notification pops up saying video stopped working. I've tried flipped the cards and swapping slots, the blue-screen has seemed to stop, but still getting crashes within windows. I've tried updated nvidia drivers, and even older ones...same error.

Now I know this appears to be a GPU problem....maybe one of mine is going bad. But they both worked fine in my older build. How can I tell if it's a GPU issue, or if something's wrong with the Gigabyte mobo??

Any feedback is appreciated.

Also - I read somewhere that some 460 GTX's had issues that could be resolved by upping the voltage. I tried that too....same crashing.
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  1. After changing to new mobo, did you install all drivers? How did you install the graphics cards? One at a time? I'd uninstall one, along with drivers, then uninstall the drivers for the other and move it to the other PCI-e slot and reinstall drivers. Once you have it working properly without issues, install the other.
  2. So I've been running with just a single one of these cards for the past 2 weeks. Today things crashed when I simply opened up steam. And I got the "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" message in the tray. So, I'm putting the other one in now, and we'll see if I get an error with that one. If I do....I guess I've ruled out problems with the GPU's.
  3. Have you installed the drivers from the MSI website for those cards specifically?
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