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I am putting together my first build. I am at a complete loss at how to connect these fans. The 3 pin adapter converts to a molex plus another 3 pin. However, the 3 pin has just 1 pin active. I've heard that this is for the rmp monitor. If i use the molex connection then do i just place the straggling 3 pin in the motherboard?

Any help would be great. Thanks
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  1. Yes, if you use the molex connection to power the fan..then the pin adapter with the one wire you can connect to the motherboard's CPU fan header for RPM monitor.
  2. Thanks.
    Does it matter which headers i connect them to (sys_fan or pwr_fan)?
  3. You can plug to either one, but some boards will say only 'pwr_fan' has fan speed control, so check your motherboard manual.
  4. Based on the pic on NewEgg, why not unplug the molex adapter? It looks like a 3 pin extension to molex. Much shorter and MB connector is probably close to fan location.
    I am just asking as I am not an Expert jet.
  5. I've tried both with molex and without (straight into mobo) and the fans are not starting up with bios screen. I have no hard drive and OS on there yet but shouldn't the fans start up with the CPU and graphics card fans?
  6. Could be bad fan. Check red to black with ohm meter. I checked an Antec fan at 1 ohm. Or jump fan to car battery or other 12 V source and see if it turns. Unlikely that two (molex and MB) sources dont have 12V.
  7. Yeah something's not right. I'll check it out further. I have two new fans too. Unlikely both are disfunctional.
    The power supply has two molex labelled 'FAN' and two 3 pin labelled 'FAN'. Neither work. Strange. I'll see what the ohmmeter reveals.
  8. The sys_fan is giving power to the fan on power up but the pwr_fan is not. However, the sys_fan seems to be yielding a really low rpm.
    I've tried the molex again and the fan barely ticks over. What about connecting to a molex that is used for an HDD. Will they run more power?
  9. Yes try it on a regular molex. Should run at full speed. What motherboard are you using. Some have fan contols in bios that must be set for on board fans to run correctly.
  10. Ok. I'll try when i next have a chance. I'm using a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3. I'll have a rummage around in the bios and see what i can find. Thanks again.
  11. All working with the regular molexs. The molexs designated and labelled case fan don't seem to do the job. Thanks for all the help MegaMan1
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