200mm top exhaust fan mounting in Antec 902

A friend of mine is being very nice and letting me have a Antec 902 case he doesnt use anymore
Only problem is that right now I am limited to my local Microcenter for computer parts
so I need a 200mm fan to fit the 902 and the Antec 200mm isnt available there
So I was wondering if anybody had luck modding other 200mm fans to fit the 902?
I know that 200m fans dont have standardized spacing for mounting like the 120.92 and 80 sizes

this are the fans I can get

I am thinking of trying the CM Megaflow Blue since it reasonably priced and my other case fans are blue leds
I am reasonably handy with a Dremel,Drill,Jigsaw,Tin snips etc
(former Htg/AC tech)

If anybody has experience with this I would greatly appreciate your input
Thank you
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  1. You could always use zip ties to attach the fan...
  2. very true
    though I would try making a sheet metal mount if possible
    (i have a roll of sheet metal and also some clear plexiglass laying around)
    but trust me zip ties have been my best friend along with duct tape LOL
  3. Dont buy that fan.

    you can get a proper one designed for your case from antec for $29.99

  4. these can be handy for mounting fans where they are not meant to go

  5. those are both awesome suggestions
    but due to circumstances right now online ordering is tough
    would have to use a prepaid "loaded" visa card
    while Microcenter is close and an easier option
    to be honest I like the challenge also of doing "mods"
    very handy with tools and sheet metal
    plus MC has a great 30 day return policy
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