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2 option for a pc wich one chose... ?

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March 29, 2012 2:26:47 PM

Hi everyone,
i will buy my first pc desktop since 2003 so I dont know much from recent computer... I want to buy a new desktop for game but i have a limited budget. I will do internet + play Diablo 3 and maybe BF3. At a store near me i have two option at the same price an i3 with a 560gtx or a i5 with a 550 gtx I cannot pay more so i cant do i5 and 560gtx... so:

Intel Core i5 2400 4x3.4GHz
4Go DDR3-1333 Kingston
WD 500Go SATA3 (1000Go:+29$)
GeForce GTX 550
585Watts CoolerMaster Elite


Intel Core i3 2100
4Go DDR3-1333 Kingston
WD 500Go SATA3 (1000Go:+29$)
GeForce GTX 560
585Watts CoolerMaster Elite

both at 679 $

Wich one chose ?

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March 29, 2012 2:38:12 PM

Intel Core i3 2100
4Go DDR3-1333 Kingston
WD 500Go SATA3 (1000Go:+29$)
GeForce GTX 560
585Watts CoolerMaster Elite

This one as it has the better GPU for your games. Which store are you buying from ?
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March 29, 2012 2:43:04 PM

Well its a choice between better CPU or GPU. GPU is more important for games, however, the 550 isnt that much weaker than a 560, while an i3 is much weaker than an i5. That being said, for normal desktop work you might not notice a difference as your harddrive will slow you down.
March 29, 2012 2:44:19 PM

And I agree with uther, self built systems are more powerful for the same price (if parts are chosen wisely, but that why toms is here) and are alot easier to upgrade in the future. (also again requires smart buys)
March 29, 2012 2:48:10 PM

Well actually in BF3 the CPU is more important since it relies very heavily on CPU over GPU so if you got a i5 vs i3 the difference would be big.

Best solution

a c 267 à CPUs
March 29, 2012 2:51:33 PM

I also vote for the second one.

The 2100 has the same capacity per core as the 2400, but only 2 cores(plus two more hyperthreads) vs 4 on the 2400.
Since most games use only two or 3 cores, there is really not much difference in gaming capability between the two cpu chips.

In #2, you get a much more capable graphics card, and that is the most important component for gaming.
April 5, 2012 12:38:05 AM

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