AMD or Intel advice please

Im in process of making an expensive decision ( for me anyway lol!).

The last system I built was with a Q6600, which went weel and is still working fine, but I have given it to my son as his finally gave up. I am now looking to build a new system for myself.

My budget for this is around £700 ($1000) , I have been looking at the I5 2500k processor a Z68 mobo (with tweaking capabilities), 16 gig quality ram, 6-700 watt modular psu a decent graphics card ATI6770 or Nvidia GTX550 maybe stretching to the 560? Running it with Win7 64bit.

The other option is the new AMD FX 8 core processor, and wonder how it compares in performance with the intel as both the motherboards and processor are cheaper.

Stability is a main concern, making sure the items I buy will all work together in harmony. I dont use the pc for video/photo , it is primarily for fun, gaming, internet etc, so I do like good FPS on modern games.

So if anyone has advice or has built a good solid gaming system lately using either of the above please post your specs and rough guide price.
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    AMD doesn't have anything that compete with the 2500k for a general purpose or gaming PC. Get the 2500k, the FX 8 core processor is a colossal waste of money in comparison.

    I agree, AMD can't compete with the Sandy Bridge CPUs. Go for either an i5 2500k or a 2550k if you don't the integrated GPU.
  2. AMD Build

    FX is rubbish so this is based on a Phenom II
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
    Gigabyte 970A-D3 Socket AM3 Motherboard [...] t/RAM1099/
    G.Skill 8192MB DDR3 [...] -/HDD1113/
    Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB [...] y/PSU1077/
    600W OCZ ModXStream Pro Modular [...] e/CAS1165/
    Xigmatek Asgard ATX Mid Tower Case
    Gainward GeForce GTX 570 Graphics Card

    + Win7 OEM

    Total £694.86

    By getting the Cheaper CPU you get a better GPU. I'd probably take this build but both are good
  3. Firstly thankyou for your replies!

    This looks a nice build, unsure about Palit brand on the graphics card tho. Is there a benefit on having a SSD hard drive installed for Windows and if so how is this done? I realise that it will increase my budget but if there is a considerable benefit then I would consider a better motherboard perhaps with sata6 and a 64-128gb ssd card also?
  4. Sorry i was whacking those builds out so fast i should elaborate. You dont really need 16GB RAM for your uses 8GB is plenty.

    The AMD build with the better GPU will probably last you longer before upgrading. The CPU itself can be OC'd up to 4GHZ if you add an after market cooler (£25). You may also consider the Phenom II 960T there.

    The Intel build is the sexy Z68 and 2500k option but to get that and stay reasonably in budget I had to pick a cheaper GPU by a lesser maker. It will still be a very good machine.

    I would take the AMD on the strength of the GPU in that build. Everything you currently do will run great there and outside of benchmarks I doubt you would see a huge difference beyween those 2 builds.
  5. An SSD would make loading anything on it (games, windows) very fast, a noticeable snappier speed

    *edit* both boards have sata III 6GB/s the AMD board has 6 of them the Intel 2, The AMD board is generally more featured you get more with it
  6. 1) SSD - Save for latter upgrade. Boot time and program load times are much faster. Most who have migrated to SSD - will never go back. That said - How often do you boot your system, and do program load times bug you. Game performance is NOT improved, Web brossing is not improved and applications after loading do NOT run faster.
    All my systems have daul SSDs and no intention is going back to a slowww HDD for a OS + program drive.

    First off I think you would be happy with either of WR631's choices.
    My Choice is the Intel i5-2500k w/z68 MB (WR631 Quote on AMD CPU " The CPU itself can be OC'd up to 4GHZ" ) The I5-2500K OC to 4.2 is so simple a caveman can to it and 4.6 GHz is reached by most. So OCing is rather a mute point and on a clock-per-clock basis the i5 is better.
    AMD CPU is cheaper - But performance wise not as good
    MB - You get what you pay for. I find this a wash cost wize when comparing Quality and features. I find that Intel is much better at driver support for their chipsets than AMD.
    Other components can be identical.
  7. Ok, I think my decision is made

    Going for the I5 and just to decide on the GTX560 or 570 now lol.

    With the Gigabyte Mobo, is there enough space to fit an after market cooler such as the coolermaster 212 without obstructing the Ram slots?

    Other than that again thankyou for your time, feedback and advice here.
  8. The cooler will fit as that RAM kit only uses 2 slots.

    If you up your budget by £70 you can put the 570 on the Intel build then heck yes i would say thats by far the best bet.
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