Dual Core But Msconfig shows only 1

I have Intel Core 2 Duo processor
But Msconfig shows only 1.
What is the main difference between having 1 or 2 processors?
Plz Help :(
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  1. Do you enable all the core in the BIOS? If you run one core then the PC will run slower for most programs.
  2. and some of power saving options need to be disabled for all cores.
  3. I did nothing
    Before in msconfig i saw 2 processor option then due to some problem in my pc I restored it to an earlier time But now it is only showing 1 processor :(
  4. try running cpu-z and see if it just a damaged window file. most times under system device manager a 2 or 4 core system will say one possessor and 2 or 4 cores.
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