Estimated Sandy Bridge price drops at dawn of IB

Just wondering how much you think the price of SB will go down when IB gets released.
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  1. I doubt it will, if IVB is only a 10-15% increase, there will A. still be demand for Sandy Bridge (especially for all non Z68 chipsets) and B. I think the IVB will be gouged in price when it first releases (supply and demand).
  2. Intel doesn't drop prices by more than $10, then they go back up.
  3. It's hard to say.

    If you look at history:
    The 2010 release of the Core i5-650 CPU was @ $176
    Over 2 years later, it's on sale at NewEgg for $179 today.
  4. One thing you should expect is AMD price drop
  5. I begin to question AMD's business plan. If they continue to price inferior products at higher price...They need to adapt quickly... I mean it is ridiculous...You can buy 580 for $390 and 7950 is still stuck at 450 after 680 release...and don't let me get started on 7970s ... Who in the hell is in charge of pricing?...I guess they did not get the memo and still think they hold single card single GPU crown.

    7970 should be down where 7950 is...anyway we will see how new FX holds up
  6. Let me be clear I have no knowledge on this one way or the other except for the reasons that I have outlined below.

    As the others have said based on the past history of new releases there will most likely not be any price drops on our current processors. The reason for a price drop is to make the product more attractive to the consumer so that they might buy it. As things stand right now, there isn't an over abundance of current processors sitting out on the market. As a matter of fact we have had shortages and trouble meeting some of the demand for our quad cores and above over the last 4 or 5 months.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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