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Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Front panel cables help me.

I have this mother board but i do not know where to plug in the cable so i can press the power button on the case not have to press the motherboard power button. Does the motherboard power button come off so i can plug in the cable?
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  1. Check the manual. Look for front panel connector.
  2. DONT pull off the power button! The power/front panel connectors are along the edge of the board. The placement is actually listed on the motherboard itself and in your users manual.
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    Yoy have to plug in the cable from the case labled (usually) PWR (or Power) to the header on the mobo labled PWR. It is next to the other headers for HD LED, Reset, on the right edge if you are looking from the bottom of the mobo (where the USB, LAN video connectors are located).
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