Can my GTX 285s run in SLI with this power supply?


I don't quite understand how this whole amps and rails things works and I need a little bit of help. I've had a GTX 285 for a while now and I just recently ordered another one as an upgrade that I can run in SLI. However, my 800w power supply ( seems to lack the addition 2 6-pin cables I need to power my second card... So I also purchased two 4 to 6-pin adapters. My question is simply "Will I be able to run these cards in SLI with my current power supply and those adapters?
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  1. "" Heres the specifics on the Power supply :)
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    Your PSU you have is a cheap one not a branded one which means that it will cause serious damage to your PC if you put the other card in SLI. As it's not delivering the written wattage on it.

    Technically any branded and high quality 800W PSU should run the GTX 285s in SLI, but i would recommend a 850W PSU because the GTX 285 consumes 385W in Full load.
  3. Oh I see... This disappoints me... :( So that one on new egg is what you would definitely recommend to power those two cards than? :) and does this bad boy have 4x 6-pins for them all? :D
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  5. Yes it does, Corsair is a high quality brand and it delivers the required 850W
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