Rate my build... please

These are the parts i picked, any good for gaming?? And I don't care much for overclocking...

Asus P8P67 Pro
Corsair Vengeance Blu 8GB RAM
Corsair 650HX power supply
Western Digital Caviar Black 1GB
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  1. Get the 2500K
    Get a 560/560Ti
    Get a Caviar Green, the price on hdds is sky-high
  2. Please fill this out:

    You can check out my $600 build here:
    It'll be better for the budget and you'll get better performance out of the GPU.
  3. If you can aford a 560Ti then I would get that over the 550Ti and since you are not into overclocking I would get the i5-2500k it is rated at 3.3ghz and the i5-2400 is at 2.5ghz so you would gain 800mhz for about $20 and the 2500k has an unlocked multiplier so in the future if you decide to overclock then you have that option , but you don'y have to if you don't want to , you can just go with the added stock speed that you get with the 2500k.
  4. I'm gonna agree w/ goose on the 2500k and 560 Ti (factory overlcocked ones are same price so look for those) ....except for the Caviar green...."green" drives are designed to save power......all things being equal, a 7200 rpm drive is 33% faster than a 5400 rpm drive
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