Buy surge protection, ups or keep weird thing I got.

So I lost a PSU for who knows what, I had a corsair 850w, which i bought nearly two years ago, and out of nowhere it started to shut down. Each time more frequently. until each time I started it it would shut down inmediatly as soon as windows load screen would be done. I tried another smaller psu, and my pc worked out just fine.

Why did it got damage I dont know, but I dont want it to happen again and a power surge may have been the cause.

I have this. I honestly dont know whats its purpose. I bought it like 4 years ago, and I was a little too young to be informed...and it costed me less than $20. Is it a power surge? I got a computer with a 850w psu, is it a good idea to have this as protection?

CDP it says chicago digital power

To me seems like a phony power surge supressor.

Now to replace it.

Shoild I get one of those?

I read that for rural areas such as mine, sometimes a UPS is a better choice. There are no common blackouts but I heard that a UPS can protect a computer from lower ranges of voltage which are also harmful, and a power surge is useless against those.


It seems like that one can only take 225w. Can I use that one, not mind about having my pc shut down on a black out and use it for better protection? Its battery might not be potent enough to keep my pc running, but it may prevent damage I guess.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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  1. I just found it. Unfortunately I still have no idea of what it is.

    Is it better or worse then buying a power surge from Amazon?
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