ASUS M4A77TD Pro AM3 AMD 770 ATX RAM issue

Year or so ago I built my first PC. Anywho, my MOBO is ASUS M4A77TD Pro AM3 AMD 770 ATX. I recently was given some G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) as a gift cause I asked for it. Now when I first built computer I had some issues with compatibility, so I asked around alot to make sure the RAM I was gonna ask for was gonna work. As far as everyone said it should be good. I got it and installed it and it didn't work. So I returned it just to check if it's faulty. I try again today with fresh ram I got from G.Skill, and still no go. Basically I start up the computer and nothing happens really. Nothing on monitor or anything. Any ideas?
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  1. 1. Clear CMOS
    2. Try one module at a time in each slot
    3. Use old RAM to set BIOS specs to match G.Skill modules, then swap to G.Skill
  2. After clearing the CMOS, does matter which RAM is in when it boots up?
  3. No. And just to clarify, these steps don't need to be taken sequentially. These were just three suggestions for you to try to get your G.Skill modules to boot your system.
  4. Ok. I went into BiOs and loaded default settings. No go. I tried one at a time. No go.
    I went into BIOS to change ram settings. The only parts I could figure out was switching to 1333 and switching the over voltage to 1.5. The other stuff was all Greek to me unfortunately. When I put in the ram after making those changes, it loaded but when the motherboard was loading it came up with error about overclocking failure. That's about as far as I have gotten.
  5. If you were referring to the G.SKILL RAM, you're making progress. Change the timing of the RAM so that the settings reflect what is show on the sticker affixed to the side of each module. The timings are represented as follows:
    X-X-X-X (CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS)

    If after making this adjustment, you still don't succeed in a proper boot, try changing the following, retrying after every step:

    1. Change the Command Rate from 1T to 2T (or vice versa)
    2. Change to Unganged mode
  6. I have the DRAM frequency as 1333 and Memory Overvoltage to 1.5
    I have the CAS as 7
    the TRCD as 7
    the TRP as 7 and the TRAS as 21

    the ram says CL 7-7-7-21

    I triedswitching from 1t to 2t and back and forth between Unganged mode and it still comes up Overclocking failure wen booting up.
  7. I suspect your motherboard is failing.
  8. You can try this:

    Turn off your pc - remove power cord from PSU.
    Clear CMOS (move jumper to the 'clear position' then move it back to 'normal position')
    Remove battery and put it 'reverse' side for like 30-45 seconds
    Remove battery and put it 'right side' like it was before
    Put your ram in slots A2,B2 (black ones, closer to the cpu socket)

    Put power cord on and turn on your machine.

    It helped me tho they have written in manual "put ram 1600+ in blue slots blah blah blah"
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