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i hear something clicking and restarting in my antec 1200 case but idk what it is and the led flash indicator keeps turning off then on when it clicks
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  1. as well i thought this pc was dead but it booted up at the new house... it shuld have windows xp installed but its acting like it wants to install. the problem at the other house is that i woke up one morning after leaving VLC player running and it was frozen. I rebooted only to getting a continuous restart till it wouldnt even boot anymore (guessing back wall sockets). but i just decided if it would turn on at the new house and to suprise it did. well i booted it up and it says "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DICK AND PRESS ENTER" (keep in mind its not booting showing all the pc specs in the beginning as it used to(asus striker extreme mobo, 2.4ghz intell processor, 4gigs ram, windows xp, 750 power supply, geforce 8800 gt alpha dog, antect 1200 case)as well as the clicking sound still persists even at disk boot failure or when at the windows install screen)
  2. i saw that my raptor drive wasnt being recognized in system bios...
  3. You say booted up at the new house... did you move it after the initial problem?

    Open it up and check for loose cables and components. Even for those that appear to be plugged in but have shifted.

    Restart it and see if your original problems reoccurs.
  4. i had this pc for about 2 years and then i woke up one morning to these problems,, its been about a year since i tried booting it up again but making process cause its turning on n stuff. as well as im thinking it wants me to install windows xp again cause i had installed xp on the raptor drive which isnt being recognized atm... i wanna see if i can get it recognized so i dont have to reinstall windows and lose all my info
  5. forgot to mention i have a western digital 750gb drive and a 120 raptor drive
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