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Hello Tom's Hardware,

This is my first time posting here and i had a question about motherboard compatibility, I hope this is the right place.

I recently tried to upgrade my graphics card to an ASUS 6670 and the computer got stuck in a boot cycle. I couldn't get any output to my monitor or a keyboard and couldn't get BIOS to load :( I switched back to my old Radeon HD 7450 but still couldn't get any output to my monitor or keyboard so i'm guessing my BIOS got corrupted when i switched graphics cards or i messed up my motherboard when i installed the new graphics card. Visually everything looks fine and I tried to get the BIOS to reboot by removing the battery but it didn't change anything. The ASUS 6670 works fine in my other computer so it is not the graphics card or the monitor.

So I want to buy a new motherboard that will be compatible with my ASUS 6670 and my AMD six-core Fx-6120 processor, 300w power supply and 10gb DDR3 RAM that is also under 100$. I'm on a tight budget.

i was looking at these so far, but I'm not sure how to tell if they will be compatible as I don't have a ton of experience with this. I have found out i need one with AM3+ for my processor and the ASUS 6670 is a 2.1? I'm not sure about the graphics card compatibility so if any of them would be compatible and you could let me know how to tell for my next run in with upgrading motherboards that would be awesome:

Thank you :)
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  1. Out of all of those I'd go with the Biostar, but I've never heard of a BIOS becoming corrupted from changing parts. As long as the ASUS 6670 will fit safely and securely in the 2.0 slot (without forcing), it is compatible.

    What motherboard are you having problems with after trying the 6670? Have you tried following directions in the manual to clear CMOS settings (the way you said you did by removing battery)? When I hear "boot cycle", I typically point to the power supply, but I'd rather focus for now on trying to get your system back to working with the old graphics card and go from there.

    Please follow the instructions in manual for your current motherboard for clearing the CMOS settings, or try to get into BIOS and set defaults and save changes and exit, then see if you can boot into system as it was.
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