Upgrade cpu or vid card

If I only have enough for 1 upgrade which would be better for gaming and overall performance given the following scenario:

Current CPU AMD XII220 -dual core
ATI 5570 Vid Card

Can only spend 150 bucks :(

Should I upgrade the CPU to a quad core AMD black box and overclock that puppy and keep the low end vid card for now?
Or upgrade the low end vid card to a ati 6850 or one of the newer 7000 series.?

I know eventually I need both components upgraded but for now which makes more sense?

I dont want to buy a video card that will be bottlenecked by the CPU and vice versa?

I play a lot of video games. Gonna be playing Diablo 3 if it ever comes out and I play LOTRO and SWTOR but Tribes Ascend is my favorite. I could think of nothing more than fun than fragging with full graphics detail enabled
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  1. Prob gonna need a better PSU as well. Ive got a stock one on there now prob 350 watts. My 5570 vid card doesnt draw that much power so the stock one was fine for that.

    What do u reccomend for a budget PSU to go with the video card. 550 -600w be enough or is that overkill for a mid range gaming pc build?
  2. 500-550W would be sufficient, but ONLY if you stick with a good brand, such as Seasonic, Antec, or Corsair.
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