Will power 500watt supply be inuf for this build?

Ive got corsair cx500 +80 PSU and i wonder if the wattage will be inuf for this build i ordered im not planning on overclocking i will be gaming on this machine;

CPU: i5 2500k sandybridge:
Mobo:P8z68-V Pro/gen3
GPU: Pallit gtx460 1gb gddr5
HDD;Hitachi 500gb
CPU FAN: cooler master hyper 212 evo
Case: cooler master 690II advanced (will be using 3 stock fans for the moment)
RAM: G-Skill ripjaws x 8gb 1600mhz

thanks in advance
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  1. Yes it will be enough for your build. Corsair is a good brand and that PSU is rated at 34A on the 12V rail which is more than sufficient for your power requirements.
  2. ok thanks very much
  3. You are welcome!
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