Can i hook a 3pin fan to a 4cpu CPU fan header on my mobo?

I have a BioStar A770E3 board with a 4pin CPU connector, I also installed a Corsair H60 Watercooler and the fan is NOISY (idk why) for it. I want to use my Cooler Master fan with my cooler but its only a 3pin connector. The manual says that the 4th pin is for SmartFan Control, is this needed? Can I plug my 3pin in to the 4pin? is there any possibility to rig my Cooler Master to the water cooler?

Thank you!
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    You're perfectly fine to use the 3 pin connector on the 4 pin header, just be sure to use the rightmost 3 prongs (there should be a groove on the back of the fan connector that fits in with the mobo). SmartFan Control is just used for more precise fan speed control (usually for the CPU fan).
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  3. Yes you just need to make sure which pins are the correct ones to plug it into.. meaning which side left or right.. The 4th pin is just a fan speed sensor
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